Yes, weve sleep at the airport like everybody else. Hahaha! I cant believe that people do sleep on the seats in the airport. Its a jam pack i should say and they are others that are in the floor. When we get into the check in counter there are two young guys that are trying to pass the people behind us so they got a loud “we go first cause were on the line”. Its raining in Phuket cause its the low session. We do have the same weather in this country. There are two ways you can go to your hotel from the airport. First, is the expensive taxis. Yes, theyre expensive ranging from 300 to 700 baht depending on how far. But our destination is in Patong. We decided to talk the van (or what they call mini bus). Its just 180 baht, just inform the driver what is the name of your hotel and he will definitely drop you where you are going to stay. Of course the mini bus can go as far as Patong but of course there are additional charges. The hotel that weve choose the Patong Premier Hotel which is a nice and cozy hotel. Close to happy places, 5 minutes walk to the beach, close to 711 and Family Mart (which is the competitor of 711) and karinderya style food carts. The hotel offers free wifi, free use of the computer on the second floor, hot and cold water, cabled tv, and a pool. Our day three in Phuket started in arriving in the hotel, eating at Vikings (which is besides the hotel) and sleeping earyl. no night life for us. too tired. The pool is blue tiled and when i swam in it, i smell chlorine. Hehehe! The standard room is for 1200 baht but with breakfast plus 200 baht. I would suggest not to get the breakfast. Its just juices, bread, coffee, egg and cereals. The receptionist also speak good english. Walking to the beach is fun too but watch out for those electric poste cause it seems that there about to blow anytime. Its a long walk on the beach shore and because its low season so the waves are like 7 feet high. They say on the hotel handout that when they say Tsunami is a series of high waves, not the super mega big waves. By the way, i forgot to mention that when you ride the minibus, there might be a stop for a travel and tour office, just say no right away. Theyre trying to get money out of you. Sunbathing is nice cause the sun is not that hot during this time but swimming might be difficult cause of the waves. You can also do sea activities and they are some price as you can see in Boracay. Its the only place where i did see that while you parasailing, a kid will keep you balance and he is doing like circus moves to keep you balance. Hahaha! Normal business hours is from 9 in the morning onwards. There are vendors that offers noodles, corn and drinks in a very high price. Unlike the nearest 711. The night is much more fun. Alot of establishments are offering seafood galore like the one beside our hotel and thai massage. Alot of immitations like shoes, electronic devices and dvds are around. We didnt got a chance to drink cause people here do speak little english and i dont want to die here. Its also fun to see transexual all over the place and some shows in the street like the old traditional Thai. Weve eaten in the street and went straightto our room. What a day! Tomorrow we will be back in Bangkok. Almost at the end but its fun. 😀


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