Its been more than a month since i become officially bum. I must admit that this is really a boring life, downloading music albums and series. After our Thailand trip its time for me to apply. I really want to apply to this certain company but i wasnt able to get in. Hahaha! Maybe im not qualified. But thru a referral by a friend, i went to this company. Looking for this company is hard. Ive even got lost in my way. Initial, profiling and language assessment are all done. I was info that ops interviews are being done over the phone and it will be happening tonight, 9pm onwards. So even when i tired, ive waited for the call and fell asleep, still no call. In the morning, around 930 while im eating singkamas, the call came in. Hahaha! Windang much! Then after the whole techical things that im struggling they will just call me after a few days. After a day, someone from recruitment called me and im for the job offer. Yehey! Almost a job. Now ive filled up the personal information form and im waiting to sign my contract. Hehehe! 😀


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