To tell the truth, i didnt like the movie at all. Maybe because im not into mutants (duh! Is the Avengers not a mutant film?). I didnt expect this film to be in touch with the emotion side of the main character. But the fight scenes are great but its not good for me.

This is really a fun movie although its kinda boring (why am i bored with all the movies that im watching?). I loved theyve comeback for a prequel but hopefully there will be no part three.

Big buzz in social media sites then i decided to watch it. The first 45 minutes i think was like a prequel on whats going to happen (so am i expecting a sequel?). The sequences pf the story is a little slow, for me and there are alot of mumu. But i know that their all connected in same way. I love the idea of putting an ugly doll instead of having a cute doll and it turns into a monster right away. Its just slow. 🙂


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