What is really all about? Is it being with the person who makes us happy or is it being happy for the one we love? There comes in our lives when we feel lost because out heart cries for someone other than the one we are with we are confuse because we realize that there is someone else can makes us happier. We want to be with that person but we are already belong to another. How can a love be true be wrong? Why do we need to meet the right person at the time we are already committed to someone else. It takes a lot of faith to understand why God allows someone else to come in to our lives and turn our world around. We are left with simple yet difficult choices, to stay or to follow our heart. When we stay we become miserable because our heart yells for that other person but if we follow our heart, we can find happiness at the expense of someone else’s misery and that cant make us truly happy. Let us always remember that sometimes, the only way to prove our love to a person is to let him go. Sometimes, the only way to be at peace with ourselves is to teach our hearts to say goodbye. The true essence of love is being happy with others even if it means we are not going to be part of that happiness because love gives everything without asking anything in return. Love always believes and in this love faith that were able to live each day with hope that no matter how difficult life maybe, God will give us the strength. No matter how sad or miserable we are, there is always a reason to be happy cause God will always have better plans for us. He put us to the test not to make us bitter, but better person. There is always time for everything. Moments of sorrow and loneliness happens for a reason. God wants us to be happy. We just have to believe that in his own time, we will understand and thank him for giving us a chance to find love even if it meant losing it forever. 🙂


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