I must admit that im not that a friendly person. Maybe im a pre loner but once ive known you, i will never let you down. Ive been working for almost 8 years now and people come and go in just a snap of our fingers. Some, we still get in touch with. Some, we forgot their names and worst we forgot that they still exist. A friend of mine once told a group of friend, in the workplace were suppose to work and earn money, not gain friends. Maybe gaining friends is a big bonus already besides from the large amount of money she earning. But for me meeting new people and allowing them to become part of your life is self growth. You learn the other side of you when youre with them. Like having lunch together or my fave hobby of cute guys watching. In this life time, people come in and goes out. No one stays for long especially in this industry. But of course i treasure every friendship ive gain thru the years. 🙂


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