Accenture’s party is one of the best party that i’d attended. The venue is at World Trade Center and the host are Iya Villania and Alex (I forgot his last name).  The venue was well lighted and the food. i don’t know, but the food… its not that good but you can definitely eat it. i love the joke that Alex guy is throwing to the crowd (especially the Zesto, ways to survive in the US if your not really good in English, MRT and being a gentleman and the elevator that is giving false hope. one of the highlight of the event is the We Are Next Gen contest. five are singers and one is a dance group. the girl who sang The Climb won but i was beating for that Richard guy who sang Warrior Is A Child. Iya is so pretty and we also had a sneak peak for the up coming re-run of Grease Musical. Hahaha! I didnt met a lot of people (I only met one). After the program proper, Itchyworms played and people started to party. Its really one hell of a party. 😀


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