Ok, im really excited to see this film. Mas pinili ko pa nga ito kaysa sa Interstellar pero yun pa rin pinanuod namin. So ive watched it a few moments ago. The story of a super intelligent kid that likes robots and also the marshmallow robot name Baymax. I must say that this film is good sa beginning, until they discovered na may kumukopya pala ng invention niya. Then boring moments, until bago mag- end. Sabi nila the reason why they killing members of the family in cartoons or animated films is for the characters to grow up. The film is also based on a marvel comics kaya medyo may group siya na mala-Avengers. I also observe the lame parts of the movie mostly sa mid part like doon sa upgrade ng mga suits ng mga kaibigan niya at yung may para na revenge thingy. Pero i really like the Baymax character. Can someone give me that robot. Gusto kong may maghahug din sa akin na ganun.


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