The second to the last part of The Hunger Games series, my partner really wanted to watch this movie the first day of showing. Im not a fan of this series unlike the Harry Potter and LOTR. I should say that its kinda boring and i know if someone who havent watched the movie before this, you will be puzzled out. Im expecting like killing and the games. But maybe they will be showing it on part two. Not so much action. Its like a preparation towards the rebellion. What is the time that Katniss walk in to like a hospital and the people show support by raising their girls scout hands. Hahaha! Then the scene that we called “rolling the kulangot (or libag) moment”. Sobrang tawa ko. Tapos yung kumanta si Katniss ng The Hang Tree song, it keeps on echoing in our heads. Our theme song of the day. I also like the part that their rescuing Peter and Katniss talking to President Snow. But the ending is so lame. Its like pabitin with no impact at all. And please dont expect like an Marvel movie na may patikim sa dulo. Sasabihin ko na, pagtapos ng credit, magbabago lang yung simbol from The Catching Fire book to the Mockingjay. Spoiler ako nu.


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