In this movie “Iceman”, Donnie Yen shows he knows more than Wushu and his IP Man character. I think he can be the next Jackie Chan. Reading wikipedia about this movie makes me sad cause the production of the film started 2012 but with the delay the original budget is $100,000 then it doubles. The fight scene in the bridge, which is a copy of the original cause they can shot at the real bridge is amazing. That part with kadena and yung may malaking pananggang planggana and yung pinagaling niya yung nanay ng lead girl role. Hahaha! They are also planning for a sequel na dapat lalabas bago matapos ang 2014 eh wala eh. The film is a good Chinese film to watch but some scenes you will see graphics like the kadena scene and of course yun mga flashback kung bakit siya nanigas sa yelo.


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