“TomDen” is the result of the love time of Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo from the high rating TV show from GMA 7 My Husband’s Lover. I cant believe that the public fall in love with the on screen chemistry of Tom and Dennis and they decided to come out with this album. I know that Dennis Trillo do sing cause i have his first album but Tom, medyo nagduda ako. Meron kasi siyang accent and i havent heard him sing live. So i decided to get the TomDen album. This 8 track album makes me kilig. I can imagine that Tom And Dennis singing One More Try, hand in hand or maybe cheek to cheek. The gay-iest Filipino album ever. The time ive heard “Photograph” it was immediately a repeat song in my ipod, sobrang nice. I imagine myself singing this song to my special someone and with the melody of “La-La-La-La”. The version of “Hey Its Me” is a song that makes me believe that forever is there. Their album is a must have talaga.


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