Celebrating the New Year with my family is the best way to start 2015 right. Together we watched fireworks flaring to the night sky, our dog going crazy over the firecrackers loud booms, and of course, ang pinakaaabangan my mother’s cooking. 15 minutes before New Year, i put coins inside the pockets of my shorts. My family is at the balcony of my room and waiting to strike 12 midnight. The wallclock in my room was delayed by minutes, darn!!! When the clock strikes 12, we all jump and enjoyed the fireworks. Look at our handa. With lumpia with sawsawan ketsup, the overloaded cake that we bought at Goldilocks (ito na lang yun cake na available at wala ng aircon sa loob kasi wala ng display), with the sweet ham and mi paborito, my mother’s spaghetti. Happy tummy na me! Our tray of fruits is always present every New Year. It was said that it brings luck and prosperity for the coming year. We all hang grapes with cotton in all the windows and doors in our home so money will come very easy.


Every year, im always telling to myself that i will slim down so i can be part of Cosmo 69 Bachelors. Hahaha! I wish i can so i will be perfect for the wedding of my friend, Leah. Also, i promise myself to do my review reviewhan of music albums and movies, at least once a day. I want to write something once a day about something i feel like writing. I also want to read books at least once a week. Hehehe! Lessen the time im spending in front of the computer. I dont want to be tamad and be masipag. I want to find work and enjoy it. Saving money will also be my priority and pupunuin ko na si Teddy. I know, that this will be a lovely 2015 and this year will be mine.


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