What is the great way to end the world? Goodbye World gives the idea what to do. This is the story of college friends meeting up before the collapse. Everybody is starting to receive “Goodbye World” text messages and people starts to panic with the country-wide power outage. I like the bath tub scene where the guy is in the tub and wearing that green star sunglasses and making dede juice and the wife of his friend is watching, that is so funny. This is a crazy mix of friends in a very outrageous situation. The good thing about the film is the catching up and bonding with this friends which is some kind of sweet. Facing their problems and feelings left behind trying to solve and fix it. I love the jacuzzi talk about the husband’s dick looks lonely and the hair growing in his balls, that is so funny. The twist and turns of their life stories and how they connect. I must say that its kinda boring in times, but its a nice movie to see.


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