Film starting Ai Ai Delas Alas and Marian Rivera, Kung Fu Divas, is a karate-comedy film. Sosyal way to get down from a bangka, gawing tapakan ang mga lalaking bangkero. Hahaha! Ai Ai comes from a family of beauty queen and it comes down to her and Marian Rivera for the Hiyas Ng Dalampasigan title. This movie shows the modern twist of Filipino comedy and the movie is worth the watch. I cant stop laughing sa scene where their eating tapa, and answering every  question with “Thank You For That Wonderful Question”. Hahaha! And the fight about the pechay. It also touches common Filipino family problem like silang lahat ay achievers pero ikaw hindi. Visual effects done in the movie is also great. The only thing i dont like about the movie is having actors trying to do Chinese accent and di naman bagay. It’s a movie that is worth watching.


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