How about seeing a pair of eyes with all its color in one person? I will surely be amazed. This movie is about eyes and looking for love and passion thru it. How can the sense of seeing and the study of it can be turned into a film and shoot amazingly. The eyes of the main girl character is beautiful eyes cause she got different colors in it. Looking for the origin of the eyes is brilliant and never been explored before in any film that I’ve watched. It also talks about mutations of worms and giving them eyes (Di ko alam kung totoo pero worms only have the sense of smell and touch, amazing). The story fast forward 7 years after his first wife died due to an elevator accident and discovering about the origin of the sense of seeing, i guess the characters after 7 years looks great than 7 years ago. Hahaha! When they found out that their son might have autism , and found the same iris pattern of with another person, they’ve also found out that his ex wife eyes is connected to someone in India.  Its said that person’s with the same pattern of iris are connected by soul. They are trying to find a connection with people who got the iris patterns that they are connected also with their memories, amazing. The part where they willing be taking the elevator proves that scientifically they two persons might not be connected, but with the heart they are. Brilliant movie.


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