2015/01/img_9714.jpg Rufa Mae Quinto’s last movie, Ang Huling Henya fails to give joy to movie goers. I must admit that i was thinking its like a zombie infested movie and full of gun fire and action scenes, well, a little but not so. Hahaha! Scenes are flying left and right so you will be confused and fall asleep. Lots of loop-hole in some scene and even the part where Candy Pangilinan and Rufa Mae is not funny at all. Ive read that the director of the film is the person who is responsible for Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank and maybe making this film is his bad day movie. Poorly written script, trying hard film, and I just remembered a review that I have read. He is about to buy the ticket for this movie then he was turned down by the girl who is selling tickets cause he is the only who tried to buy a ticket for this film and said would you like to watch another film instead.


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