Glee is back for its final season but the song from the two-hour premiere are new and amazing. It’s really sad to see one of my most loved series coming to an end but still its worth the experience. Seeing the New Direction coming back again is an amazing feeling. First episode is entitled, Loser Like Me, cause of the failure of Rachel Berry’s career and getting back on her feet where she sang Uninvited and Let It Go. Also featured on Episode 1 are The Warblers where they did an a capella of Ed Sheeran’s Sing being coached by Blaine and Vocal Adrenalin’s Dance The Night Away being coached by  Will Schuester.


Episode 2 is the Homecoming episode where New Direction alumni returns to Lima to recruit new members of the New Direction now being coached by Kurt and Rachel. With that 80’s, New Direction alumni sang Take On Me and the song presentation in the series is something new. The audition song of a girl trying to get in to the Warblers, Tightrope shows a powerful voice and im excited for this girl to show what she got. Another new character, singing Mustang Sally, a fat man but amazing voice. I also like the take with the song Problem. Cant wait to hear the songs that this season will offer.


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