2015/01/img_9773.jpg A two cd compilation album of Eminem and the artist signed present and past in Shady Records. I can’t believe that the label is already 15 years. This two cd album, cd one is an all Eminem track with new material and cd two is the all time Shady Record artists, past and present. Eminem did his rapping with the opening track, Shady XV, sounded like the early days of his career. Guts Over Fear got amazing sound with the guest artist Sia putting beauty to the song. Bane mixes the best rap orgy of sound that i really like. Offering his type of ballad, Right For Me, killed it. Yelawolf sings beautifully in a guitar sound song with Till Its Gone. I don’t know why this song is included cause the first CD is an all Eminem all album. Cd two includes Purple Pills and My Band from D12 which is the rap group of Eminem and includes other rap artist. soundtrack songs from 8 Mile Lose Yourself studio and demo version. 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. And In Da Club brings back good all times. It’s a dream rap album that you should have.


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