2015/01/img_9883.jpg I know that this film is shown like years ago, but this is the first time I’ve seen this Korean movie entitled Rec. Its a story of a gay couple who is celebrating their 5th anniversary and documenting it by recording the night using a video recorder. Its like an indie film but shoot beautifully. The concept is simple and easy to understand. It also gives love and happiness at the start to the mid part of it but its sad at the end. Its a roller coaster of emotions. I just don’t understand what is the reason the guy cried in the bus, maybe I’m not focusing so much to the film cause i need to watch their movement and the same time read the translation. Maybe they cant be together anymore and the guy who left also got the tape from the recorder. The part that i like is when they’re laying on the bed and he said that every time he smell his hands, it feels like he’s with him and during his break he smell it and talk to it. Then the last scenes are in the beach but i don’t know what is the time frame for the scene if its before or after the hotel. Its a short but nice movie to watch.


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