2015/01/img_9873.jpg Are we getting tired of the Taken franchise? For some, it’s another adventure film trying to save his family thing and becoming the hero. For me, its getting boring. Well, that’s me. When the franchise for Taken started, it’s a new plot for a movie and it’s really exciting to watch. The gun scenes, chasing cars and the search for the missing family member. Then it continued to a sequel but this time it involves the daughter. Came the third installment, although it doesn’t have that adventure as the first two films, it still had the idea of it. The scenes are shoot good for the whole film but the story is boring for me. It’s like watching a bad sequel from a good movie. Liam is going to be a grandfather and maybe that’s the reason the action I’m expecting is not there anymore. I think its time for the franchise to retire unless they are thinking for a reboot of the film, and it’s really a nice idea too.


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