2015/02/img_0042.jpg I really like watching different genre of movies especially Indian films cause no matter what type of movie they produce, they always have that Indian production musical part inserted and PK is not an exception. At first, i though it might be a comedy movie, yes, its a comedy movie, but its mix with drama, love story and of course, musical. Its a story of a human like alien came to Earth and his spaceship’s remote control has been stolen. He learned that God is the only one who can tell him where is his remote. He explored different religions and belief in search of God. Then he met Jaggu and lately he fell in love with her. Jaggu also have her love of his life when she was in Europe. By the end of the movie, Jaggu wrote a book about PK and PK landed back to Earth with his comrades from his planet for them to experience Earthly living. The actor is like the Indian Mr Bean and he is trying to be funny but didn’t know. For a more than two hour film its really worth watching.


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