English Only Please is one of the selection for the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival and its out of the ordinary Filipino movie. This romantic Comedy film starring Derek Ramsey as a Fil-Am who’s heart is brokenhearted by her Filipino love and Jennilyn Mercado as the tuitor of Derek’s character to help him translate a letter. I am laughing so hard. The hugot lines especially “Oo na! Ako na! Ako na ang mag-isa” when a jeepney barker is calling one passenger to fill one spot for the jeepney, “Hindi naman ako tanga, Umiibig lang!” when talking to her bestfriend and siya na yata ang pinakatangang babae sa mundo yata. Hahaha! Nakakasar lang the scene where the character of Kian is being a materialist boylet of Jennilyn in exchange of love. What i dont like about the film is the exaggerated way Derek is speaking in Tagalog, OA. ¬†Overall, pinasaya nitong movie na ito ang araw ko and its one of the most beautiful Filipino film ever made.


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