Before watching the movie this coming Valentines, lets hear the Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack. This soundtrack features various artists like Annie Lennox with a very Fifty Shades of sound for the track I Put A Spell On You. Singing a love song from the soundtrack is The Weeknd with Earned It, I like the sound of this track. Lighting things up is with the track entitled Love Me Like You Do sang by Ellie Goulding. Beyonce also contributed two tracks for the soundtrack. First is a Michael Diamond Remix for the song Haunted soothing the vibe of the film. The second is the ballad and sexy version of the mega hit Crazy In Love 2014 Mix that is very Fifty. Putting that soft rock sound is the Beast Of Burden done by The Rolling Stone. A remastered version of Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft gives the classical sound to the album. An instrumental done by Danny Elfman entitled Ana And Christian it like imagining Ana and Christian inside that torture room. This soundtrack is as steamy as the movie.


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