IMG_0193                                                  Regular Album Cover

IMG_0192                                           Deluxe Edition Album Cover

I’m a big Ricky Martin fan since I’m in high school up to now. I salute the greatness of his music and now his out with an all new spanish album entitled A Quien Quiera Escuchar (To Those Who Listen). This new album shows maturity and still his sexiest towards his music and tone. Putting amazing Latin vibe sound to all songs are lovely. The only thing is i cant feel the dance vibe or no more dance songs from this album. The regular album is compose of ten all spanish tracks with the lead single Adios. I must say that this is one of his best tracks. I like the theatrical sound of the track Disparo Al Corazon, sounds like his song Bella. The sweetness of his voice reflects for the song Perdoname. La Mordidita gives the Latin dance pop song that I really like. The deluxe edition features two acoustic tracks and one remix. This album revives my likeness for World Music and hoping for an all E

nglish album soon from Ricky Martin.


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