IMG_0235 Now, I’ve listened to Madonna’s full album, Rebel Heart, with its Super Deluxe Edition including a total of 26 tracks. In addition to the first six songs that had been released including the lead single Living For Love, beautiful tracks are also included in the new album. The album comprises rebellious songs about religion and whats happening now. Joan Of Arc shows how to be strong even the world turns its back on her but that will not let her done. One of the best song from the album is Holy Water, rebelling against the church and there is one lyric in the song including the name of Jesus. The song also sounded like Vogue. With her collaboration with Nas for Veni, Vidi, Vici gives the rapper side of her. Talking about S.E.X. gives the dark beat for the song and which gives me a creepy feeling. Autotune Baby gives her take with that amazing experimentation of technology. The whole album gives new sound, not that electro, not that pop and not that dance, its the right music for her fans. Who can out do the queen but herself.


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