When I first heard about the film, it feels like it’s an intergalactic adventure starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis and I’m not with this Jupiter Ascending film. Well, I must give a standing ovation with the realistic and out of this world graphics and effects. There are two scenes from the movie that if I’ve watched in an IMAX screening I think I will just walk out cause of the dizziness that I will feel. The first os when Tatum and Kunis jumps out the building and is being chase by spaceship. I know that the shoes Tatum is using but the twist and turns are like in a 3D video games that even my eyes will cross. The second is battle which is unforgiving and the light… masakit sa eyes. They said its a crossbreed of The Matrix and Starwars but for me its jam-packed of blasting, effects, and a little Tatum awesomeness. Story can be improved a little but because of the futuristic approach of the whole film, it became a big game like arcade. If you want a film that your eyes be confused which is left or right, this is the film you can watch.


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