Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly sounded like a mix of different type of music combined to create his new album. I must say that the mix of the sound of the album is kinda weird and sounded like a mix tape. It’s a mix of funk, spoken words and crazy music. Opening the album is the song Wesley’s Theory gives the funk opening to the album. Instituitionalized gives that crazy beautiful mix of two type of song that is merged to become one. Tone down track These Walls makes my head that up and down bump. Giving that rap feel, Momma gives the R&B groove. With the guitar sound for the song Hood Politics and makes me say boo boo and full of Nigga. The nicest song in the album, Complexion (A Zulu Love) is a chill and it got a nice beat too. The Blacker The Berry gives the rap king of the whole album. Giving the groove of the whole floor of the album,I, didn’t wonder that this is the lead single of the album and its a good choice. Its kind of weird listening to the album cause when im thinking that a song ended but its a continuation of a track. Fresh and cool album to listened to.


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