I don’t know but I don’t like the  episode but I do fall in love with the songs. This is the episode where a Jewish kid joins the New Directions and wanted to have a big, shiny and extravagant Jewish celebration and the gay football player got a guy crush.His opening song of a Destiny’s Child hit, Lose My Breath is a fail for me. I admire the voice but singing that song, ah ok.  With Friday I’m In Love, I like the rendition cause its been a while since I heard the song. Another long time no hear song is I Want To Break Free is a nice song. With their version of Uptown Funk giving a girl voice to the song is a great version indeed. I don’t like the electro mix at the beginning of the Break Free version and it really sounded like Arianna Grande’s version. Giving their own take with the Cool Kids it’s the nicest song in this EP for this episode and I will keep this song in repeat.

The Rise And Fall Of Sue Slyvester episode gives beautiful songs for this episode. The New Direction version of Rather Be is a beautiful song that you will definitely be in love with over and over. Giving that like play sounds, The Trolley Song sang by Sue Sylvester with her mother gives that broadway feel to the song performance. Far From Over gives the performance that the Vocal Adrenalin gives every time they  appear in the show. That fighting mood tune of the version of The Final Countdown gives the excitement of a war just began. Beautifully sang by New Direction of Rise and very inspiring.


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