When I first encountered Marina And The Diamonds, I am thinking that her album might be like a Dev style album which might be a little dance and pop and who the hell misspelled the word FRUIT. Album is a composition of mix sounds such is contemporary, indie and regular pop sound. It feels like she is serenading me with her voice with the song Happy. The album title Froot gives the harvesting energy with a dance beat that everybody will enjoy. I don’t know but the song Blue sounds like a song that Carly Rae Jepsen will song which is a teen pop sound. Giving that playful sound with instruments in the song Gold gives the shining glitter the song deserves. She really sounds like Katy Perry if Katy will sing this type of music. The cool and chill tune of Weed relaxes my bones. Hahaha! O must praise the beautiful lyrics of the song Savages cause it was not just beautifully sang and strong lyrics. Also another serenading song  is Immortals which i think can be a single from this album. Overall, this Froot album is so juicy and FROOT-ful.


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