Chappie’s soundtrack is a mix of classic, electro, dance and an amazing soundtrack to listen to. It gives Hans Zimmer his classic style of composing nice exciting music for this film. MIxing with the classic style of Zimmer is Steve Mazzario and Andrew Kawczynki giving the twist to the sound of the whole movie. Giving the thrill, The Only Way Out Of This, gives the danger sound that this movie deserves. Mixing modern twist to like a soft sound with beats and electro music in Use Your Mind. Firmware Update gives that slow music but very robotic for me. The Black Sheep gives the sad part of the movie its best score. Getting the vibes of a Linkin Park song mix with Indestructible Robot Gangster #1.  We Own The Sky is a nice perfect ending song for the whole movie and its fantastic. The idea of lllest Gangsta On The Block provide us with like a game sound to it. Its a new mix with Zimmer and modern electro sound and its a good listen.


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