Ciara is back with her new album Jackie, naming the album after her mother. Mix with pop dance electro and rap with latin vibe. The album title track Jackie (B.M.F.) is split into two songs, giving us the intro for the album and B.M.F. or Bad Mother Fucker gives that hip hop song that is very different from the dance and sweet Ciara that I know. Thats How I’m Feelin features Missy Elliot and Pitbull gives that dance to the album. One of the best track in the album is Lullaby, thinking that this might be a slow song in the beginning but I know your head will be bumping. Dance Like Were Making Love is a nice slow song from the album. Fly sounded like a track that Ciara released, it do have that sound. The hip hop track, I Bet, it’s a beautiful song and it deserves my phone’s repeat button. All Good gives the positive vibe in a gloomy day. One Woman Army proves that every woman can be a soldier and be strong. I Got You is a salute for her baby and it’s really a nice single. I Bet receive two mixes, the first one is with Joe Jonas which I didn’t imagine can be beautiful. The second is the R3hab remix gives the dance fell to a slow song. Overall, I am glad this album is fantastic and I’m happy to hear her doing amazing music.


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