Jay R is back with his latest offering, all new album with 14 all original tracks, Elevated surely makes you listen to it over and over again. The album offers great r&b tracks that will you will surely listen over and over again. Parachute is the first single of the album and my first listen to the song is a live performance via Myx but when i heard the studio version, its amazing. Tonight is a nice collaboration with Mica Javier is a beautiful song. LSS is the ultimate r&b song from the album featuring Flavamatikz and Knowa Lazarus. L-O-V-E is a slow Usher type of song and i like that ah-ah-ah-ah part. Wings Of A Dream is a beautiful song from the album, the only problem i got is the intro instrumental takes 30 seconds until Jay R voice can be heard. Jimmy Muna lends his voice to the album track Mama which is a salute for mothers R&B royalties unite Aj Rafael and Kris Lawrence for Youre The One is a powerful ballad song. You Are Not Alone is a song done with Kyla and i know some point in our lives that we are wishing Jay R and Kyla can be together and amazing song too. That super dance mixed by Dj Riddler for Follow Me. To summarize the whole listening experience, fantastic album.


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