Its been a long time that me and Dave are planning to go to this cafe and art gallery in Antipolo but because it was close to us so we decided to delay it. Until last Saturday, he decided to go there. Travelling to Pinto Cafe and Museum is never a hustle. All you need to is to ride any Antipolo Simbahan jeepney or fx routing Ortigas Extension and the fare will be from minimum to 40php depending on thw PUV and the place where you coming from. Once your in the street going to the cafe you can take a tricycle or walk. The front of the is a teaser of the beauty of the inside. You can ring the bell before you enter. You just need to pay 180php for the entrance and their is a discount for students.

When we went inside a gallery, amazing! This you can find like art put in the wall and its like Thailand inspired and its beautiful. Going inside, you will see this big and beautiful bone people paintings and its so great. I cant take my eyes to those paintings. But when i saw the price of that big five bone person painting is 850K, ive exited and done.

 There is also like a Venice type of stairs going up and there’s nothing there but a balcony. But the twist of staira is beautiful.

After exploring the entrance gallery its time to walk to the outside and i must say that if the inside is cool, outside is even cooler.


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