Shayne Ward is back with his new album entitled Closer sounded different from his previous albums, sounding a little like contemporary pop with jazz touch which I like. The Deluxe Edition gives eight additional tracks. Opening the album is that upbeat song Moving Target which i think can be a single. My Heart Would Take You Back gives that doo wop feel and slowness that everybody like. Beautiful ballad, I Never Said is the signature Ward sound. Another beautiful track is The Way You Were got the beat just like Moving Target and its great. Make It Simple talks about keeping simple things and beautiful lyrics. Fake deserves the repeat button in my button cause its the most beautiful track in the album. I Let You Get Away gives life and together with the piano, it makes me wanna cry. Rendez-Zous, The Place I Love gives the disco era justice and the beat makes my head sway. His remake you What You Now which I think was done by Sugababes kill the song with his vocal and the piano again. It also got a The JRMX Remix version of My Heart Would Take You Back and three voice memo. It’s still a new Shayne Ward but it is still amazing.


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