When you went outside of Pinto Cafe, its really like Venice type mixed with green grass, trees and hot sun. There are also old style beds and sits that you can definitely take a picture like Dave did. 

Its summer time when we visited so i suggest to bring alot of water, fan and umbrella. There is also some kind of a place there where you can eat and buy drinks too. The first place once you exited the first gallery is a small chapel. It has amazing and beautiful art and structures inside.  

Look at that beautiful Jesus statue. Another feature is the Jesus that is sitting down close to the door, crazy but nice. 

A little more walk you will reach like a private place with a nice view of the swimming pool that is like an infinity sign. 

This is one part of Pinto that you can rent for private events and the area is super nice. Right beside the small chapel and the outside eatery is a small house dedicated to Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera. Inside the small house, doesnt have anything apecial but a lot of sitting area and pillows. 

There is like an old caninet there that you can put a letter where you can put anything you want to say to youre ex and put it inside 

Outside the house, you will see a cement type wall art of Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera. You can also see this scary beautiful statue that you can see in horror films.   


Then our exploration continues…..


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