Blue is back with a new album entitled Colours which features six original tracks and four cover songs. I’m glad to see the boy band that we loved is back again giving us music that we love. Mostly, the tracks from the album are mixed of different genre like Pop, a little slow doo wop and funk. I must also say that the album sounded very different from the band’s previous release. Giving that “Stand By Me” sound with the King Of The World single giving the doo wop and Pop sound. Home is another track in the album that sounded like a song that Take That can sing and its beautiful. Slow song If You Dont Know Me By Now showcases that the band can still do ballad. Another Blue’s signature sound can be heard through the song Flashback that I think will be a single for this album. Special is a groovy track that makes my head move up and down and I really love this song. Hang On In There Baby is the nicest track in the album and beautiful lyrics. Maybe, the sounds might be a little different from the Blue I used to listen before, they still give me an amazing time listening to it.


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