The movie adaptation of the best-selling book of Marcelo Santos III, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic bringing the kilig level to the movie soundtrack. Yes, I really like this Jadine romance even I’ve not watch the film. The soundtrack is a seven track of beautiful kilig music. The duet of Nadine Lustre and James Reid with the song Hanap- Hanap makes me fall in love again and again. The upbeat dance track of Nadine Lustre with the song Me And You. James Reid gives flava on R&B in his track Randomantic sounds like Usher and great vocal too. Another song that gives R&B sound is with the single Babalik. Anja Aguilar gives the ballad track a life for the song Give Me A Reason, beautiful lyrics. Mr Antipatiko is another single from the album which is also included in her first album. Duet of Shane and Cholo for the track Tibok makes me sing with it. Overall, the album is full of beautiful songs and love, love, love.


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