The remaining part of the place are three galleries which are full of paintings, sculptures and installation arts. The painting above is a art from a huge hall from one of the galleries. Its like an app from a cellphone and the colors are amazing. 


The three galleries features crazy amazing arts that i really like. I like the frame arts and that weird looking girl sculpture, its fun and for me gives amazing art. 

Paintings are all over the place. Which is super nice.



  The first two painting above is the two of my favorite. The first one is real children clothes paste on a canvass and make it in a beautiful art. The second is a paunting of twins and its amazing. Dave said its creepy but i fibd it nice. And the last art is the biggest painting here. Everybody is talking a picture at it. 

I must say that Pinto Cafe is a must see art gallery that is cool and fun to go to. The entrance fee, the heat of the sun and long walks are all sulit and i highly recommend this place in Antipolo Rizal


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