Lyca Gairanod, the first The Voice Kids Season 1 winner releases her first album, Puede Nang Mangarap, which serves as the first single also of the album which sounded like Sarah Geronimo’s song. The album is composed of some OPM original tracks and revivals. One beautiful revival is Iingatan Ka. Showcasing her powerful voice with the song Sa Isang Awit and i think that this is the single for the winning contestant for The Voice Kids. Ngumiti Ka Lang sounds like the Tagalog version of Happy by Pharrell Williams. Tayo Ay Maglaro sounds like Meghan Trainor and talks about Pinoy games. It also features a remix version of Puede Nang Mangarap, gives the groove to the song. Giving her version take of an Aegis song, Basang Basa Sa Ulan. Her version of songs like Pangarap Na Bituin at Isang Lahi. I must say that it’s not that powerful as Darren Espanto’s album but she is amazing for her age.


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