Second album of A$ap Rocky, At.Long.Last.A$ap, gives hard-core hip hop sound and sticking to its roots. The album sounded like Nicki Minaj’s album which she stick to the music she like just lke A$ap Rocky. Canal St featuring Bones gives the slow hip hop vibe that gives a strong message with its lyrics. Fine Whine gives the haunting hip hop that features Joe Fox, Future and M.I.A. with a mix of raggae tone. Giving the ballad hip hop, L$D or simply Love Sex Dream, gives the easy listening for a hip hop album. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 or LPFJ2 showcases that solid hip hop music that this album is labeled. Criminal hip hop sounds Electric Body gives to the listeners and it’s really nice. Another nice track from the album is M’$ featuring Lil Wayne gives another great hip hop track. Sounding like an Eminem song with the track Everyday featuring Mark Ronson, Miguel and Rod Stewart is an amazing mixed of sound. The eighteen track album feels like a dark side of hip hop that gives the concrete sound and music it deserves.


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