I’m not an expert in mountain climbing or even blogging but I try to be. A few weeks ago, me, Dave and Christine decided to go for an adventure in Rodriguez Rizal. The day before the climb, we bought arm sleeves and gloves cause there is a review about the mountain that there are a lot of sharp grasses and stones. So I packed my bags with extra clothes and some personal things. Its also good to bring swimming clothes cause its close to Wawa Dam if you decided to swim after the climb. The call time the next day is five in the morning. We travelled from Cubao which we rode a FX going to Eastwood Rodriguez Rizal. The FX ride only cost you 50 pesos. Once you are there, there is a jeepney with a signage of Wawa and the fare is 10 pesos or you can ride a tricycle (which by the way is so much fun and you can feel the coldness in the air) for 15 pesos. The travel time will take no more than one hour, minus the traffic. The tricycle or jeepney will drop you off at the Tourism Office where you need to register and get you tour guide. Our tour guide is LJ AgUila SusAna (that is also his name in Facebook). Then a mile, you will need to register in the Barangay Hall and pay 5 pesos per person. Off you go to climb the mountains.

There are two mountains in this area of Rodriguez Rizal, Paminitan and Binacayan. We decided to climb the tallest of the two. On the way to the feet of the mountain, you are given a sneak peek of Wawa River and the way to the mountain feet is a moving bridge. Scary but nice, you can also feel dizzy. The climb to the mountain in the beginning is easy but the uphill climb and the hot weather gave us a hard time. I forgot to mention that one liter of water is not enough. Water is a very important going up I’m one hundred percent sure.

Climbing Mt Paminitan will take 1 1/2 hours to a max of 2 hours. Well, we have fans too cause it’s too hot and we have so many stops. Even the first group in front of us is having great problems like a girl collapsing and another is having a high blood attack. The climb is really tiring. I think we stop around 10 to 15 times before we reach the top. The mid stop of the whole journey is a Military Camp with real Military people with guns (but don’t worry they mention that there is no militant in this mountains. After a few minutes, we gear up our gloves and please make sure you wear climbing or rubber shoes, not sandals or slippers cause I assure you it will not last.

In the middle of climbing this sharp stones where you can just grab a branch of trees or plants or hold into the rocks, is a breathtaking scenario which is kind of in the middle of the mountain. This is really a great view. Almost seeing the whole Rodriguez Rizal. After a few shots, we continue our journey up to the peak. We are almost there and the peak is a very large and tall rock. In order for us to get to the peak we need to climb it. With the help of our amazing tour guide, he helped us climb the peak which involve stepping to his knee and shoulder (poor Kuya, we are fat people except Christine).  It’s a breathtaking 360 degree view of everything. The second summit is the first summit we climb. I don’t bother the heat coming from the sun cause the wind is blowing softly and the view is amazing.

We really had a great time at the peak, but it’s too small and there are a lot of climbers so it’s kinda crowded. If going up to the peak is hard, going down is much hard. Again with the stepping to the shoulder and knees of Kuya Tour Guide then off we are to the first peak. The first peak seems dangerous to me. It’s like a very gigantic stone as tall as Mt Paminitan. This is how the first peak looks like.

Going down from the mountain is easier than climbing because everything is going down but we need to be careful with sharp rocks and grass. When we are back at the feet of the mountain again, I’ve drunk like three plastic water cause I’m so thirsty. When we go back to the Tourist Hall, we clean up and made arrangement for Kuya Tour Guide fee. Well, ideally, 300 pesos will be good for 5 people climbing just one mountain. We didn’t explore the other tourist spots cause we are so tired. But of course we had given Kuya more than the fee. Just take a tricycle going back to the FX stop and ride a FX going to Cubao with the same fare earlier. It’s really a tiring but fantastic experience. I will surely return to explore the other places in the area.



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