Jason Derulo is back with a brand new album entitled Everything Is 4, being this his fourth album which is mixed with dance-pop and R&B. The lead single for the album is Want To Want Me is nice sexy dance single that is really nice to listen to. Get Ugly is a mixed of mouth play and lyrics, I like the chorus part too. Pull-Up gives that gorgeous R&B sound that is really cool to listen to and makes my hand go clapping. Giving a taste of a Meghan Trainor sound with their duet for Painkiller mixed with R&B tone makes a hit. Broke gives classic, country and the Derulo sound with Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban helping him on this track. I like the sound of Try Me with Jennifer Lopez and Matoma with that summer feel and I know this will be a fantastic single for this album. When I’m listening to Love Me Down sounds like an Usher song. Trade Hearts is a very nice duet from Jason Derulo and Julia Michaels and it do have that hunting feeling but amazing at the same time. If the Talk Dirty album is fantastic, this new album is a 100 times better.


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