How can we best celebrate Effy’s 30th birthday? Well, going to her home town in Balungao, Pangasinan, inviting her closest friends and neighbors, with their new dog Negro and with the very popular Bingo play. Last weekend, we went to Pangasinan to attend Effy’s biggest birthday party ever. That Sunday morning, we woke up late cause every time we are in Balungao, it’s always siesta time for us. We decided to get up and before we leave the room, there she is the birthday girl. We greeted her and we went to the sala where her sisters, Elsie and She with Jennie and BF, her parents are too busy cooking the food. Harry (her husband) when to somewhere to buy cake and relatives.

We don’t have pictures of the food and celebration during our lunch but this is the food for the merienda. The Maja is delicious cooked by Harry’s mother and a lot of pansit. I wasn’t there when she blew the candles in her cake cause I’m busy with Judd’s (her son) Lego and trying to build a vehicle for his Iron Man toy.

Then the most awaited part of her birthday is the Bingo. Everybody is preparing for it like getting stones and centavo coins. Giving us the excitement and the prices…who doesnt like to know what they will win. There are five games for the Bingo game. The first four rounds, my card and dave’s cards are maalat. But when we get into the blackout round, I’m waiting for one number in O and Dave is waiting one number in B. But he won the price Pringles and Krispy Kreme but decided to continue the game for the box of donuts. And Jenny won it.

Sheree winning the Waffer and Chocnut prize for the first round of the Bingo game.

Look how happy Elsie is with her win for the biscuits, I think.

Dave winning half of the Grand Prize cause he returned the donuts and i get the Pringles.

Jennie winning the half of the Grand Prize, Krispy Kreme donuts.

Celebrating her birthday with her family, friends and neighbors in Balungao is so much fun. Simple but meaningful. Always remember that we are always here for you and we all love you.


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