Clare Maguire is back with her latest Extended Play Dont Mess Me Around contains four upbeat tracks giving her blues pop rock cool sound. With the album title track, Dont Mess Me Around give the sound of blues with mixed of an up tone rock. Boomerang is an electronic twist with a rock feel voice that I like. Dream Big gives the slow melody with the guitar play and her soothing voice. Closing the EP is the House Of The Rising Sun still offers blues groove and that distinctive voice. The EP album gives a different tone to her music and its really beautiful.

Playing raw and acoustic for her EP Live For Burberry, Clare Maguire gives a nice sound with the live band with her signature sound. I feel like the sound of this album is record in a studio and not live. The live EP consist of four tracks, opening the album is Cosmic Dancer gives the slow jazz play. Whenever You Want It gives the nice sound of violins and piano and its a perfect song. Shadows and House Of The Rising Sun gives the husky voice of her a hunting feel for those songs. It feels that the album is not live but just a regular studio album and that’s how her voice sounds like.


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