3.Ain’t That Right
4.Don’t Make It Easy
5.Hall Of Fame
6.No More You (Interlude)
7.Can We Go Down (feat. Shakka)

Alexandra Burke is back with her latest EP entitled Renegade gives listeners five tracks that we will surely enjoy. With this EP, it brings a new sound and she said that it’s just a teaser of her upcoming album. The album is written coming from life experiences and changes that happened in the past year. Opening the album with the rebellious sound of the track Renegade mixed with strong electronic music makes the track of the album. An easy listening R&B track in Don’t Make It Easy gives a sweet melody that I enjoy listening. Hall Of Fame single that I like the most cause of the slow beat and soothing vocal is fantastic.  No More You (Interlude) is a beautiful piano play interluding the next track Can We Go Down featuring Shakka gives the Carribean feel to it’s rhythm. If this Ep is just a taste of her upcoming album, then I can’t wait to her the full album.


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