(Not the actual soundtrack cover)

1. Bury The Hatchling
2. The Family That Strays Together
3. Welcome To Jurassic World
4.As The Jurassic Tour Turns
5. Clearly His First Rodeo
6. Owen You Nothing
7. Indominus Wrecks
8. Gyrosphere Of Influence
9. Pavane For A Dead Apatosaurus
10.Fits And Jumpstarts
11.The Dimorphodon Shuffle
12.Love In The Time Of Pterosauria
13.Chasing The Dragons
14.Raptor Your Heart Out
15.Costa Rican Standoff
16.Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours
17.Growl And Make Up
18.Nine To Survival Job
19.The Park Is Closed
20.Jurassic World Suite
21.Its A Small Jurassic World
22.The Hammond Lab Overture
23.The Borckway Monorail
24.Sunrise O’er Jurassic World

The new Jurassic Park film is released, Jurassic World, bring you back in time seeing dinosaurs who lived billion and billion of years ago. With this type of movie, music is important cause it gives the thrill and excitement to the whole movie. Music done by Michael Giacchino gives life and even hearing just the soundtrack, it feels like you are watching the film too. 24 tracks of orchestral masterpiece as it takes you to a journey to the park. Welcome To Jurassic World gives the welcome feeling to the whole film now its open again and it’s a beginning of a new adventure. As The Jurassic Turns gives you that beautiful play of instruments making you part of the film and even touching the dinosaurs. The sweet melody of the track Gyrosphere Of Influence gives the feel of calm before the storm. Fits And Jumpstarts sounded like an adventure that needs run from something that wants to eat you.  The adventure begins in the track Chasing The Dragons that gives you the rush and adrenaline. Continuing it to Raptor Your Heart Out which will give you a heart attack with such strong drum play and Costa Rican Standoff is like your hiding and hoping you will not be found. Nine To Survival Job is the end of the endless running adventure following by The Park Is Closed which gives a great piano play that is so kind of sad. Michael Giacchino made a great music for the movie soundtrack just like any other soundtracks he worked before.


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