Korean boy band Shinee is back with a brand new album entitled Odd. The 11 track album promises great mix of pop, dance, hip hop and R&B sound. Giving the sensual R&B beat with the album’s opening song, Odd Eye. Love Sick sounds a perfect next single for their album which gives listeners the smooth groove and beat that we will like. View is the first single from the album and gives the dance feel that you cannot resist. Romance do have a weird mixed of sound and when you listen to it, you will hear what I mean. The swagger track in the album, Trigger, that it’s so cool. Slowing thing is the track Farewell My Love, with the mid-tempo vibe and cool vocals makes the track lovely. An Ode To You is a ballad with fantastic piano play and its very romantic to listen to. Giving you the hip hop beat and head banging track with Alive. Closing the album is An Encore gives powerful vocals for the band. Korean Pop fans shouldn’t miss to listen to this album.


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