Track List:
1. 강남 1970
2. 가족
3. 흥신소
4. 종대와 선혜
5. 보스
6. 아마다미아(sung by 문 주란) available only on CD
7. 전당대회
8. 빗속의 방문객
9. 작은 소망
10. 위험한 거래
11. 기억
12. 구출
13. 재회
14. 반지 돌리기
15. 용기
16. 조직해산
17. 압구정 잔혹사
18. 무지개
19. 자수하다
20. 고문
21. 건들지 마라
22. 종대와 용기
23. 덫
24. 쥐새끼를 잡아라
25. 분노의 주먹
26. 살인
27. 옛 사진
28. 비열한 거리
29. 제거해라
30. 마주치다
31. 강남 블루스
32. 작별

Lee Min Ho stars in the action pack Korean film, Gangnam Blues, set in 1970’s where cash is important and in the height of corruption. Part of the movie that gives life to it is the Gangnam Blues soundtrack.  The soundtrack consists of 31 track that gives listener fun and amazing time listening to it. Before I decided to listen to the soundtrack, I’m thinking that this might have strong music like The Avengers or Mad Max Fury Road, but I am wrong. There are some tracks that are strong, maybe some fight scene from the movie but a lot. The whole soundtrack gives easy listening tracks and a lot of rhythmic sounds like guitar, drum, piano and more. All tracks are titled Korean and I can’t find any translation. This soundtrack you can listen if you are in your room and wanted to relax your mind, this is a perfect album to hear.


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