(International Album Cover)

(Japanese Standard Edition)

Track List:
1. Little Lies
2. Cherry Pop
3. Dance
4. Back To Light
5. Give Me Your Everything
6. Kiss Me Goodbye
7. Digital
8. Zoom Zoom
9. Vanilla Chocolat (feat. Connect-R)
10.Trumpet Blows
11.Set Me Free (feat. Grano)
14.Thanks For Leaving
15.Holdng Aces
17.Dance Grano Remix
18. Cherry Pop Sonic-E & Woolhous Remix

The second album of Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, Unlocked, gives listeners with dance, pop, electronic, house and downbeat mix of sounds that everybody will enjoy. The Deluxe Edition of the album consist of 18 tracks with 2 remix. The album is also been released for a Japanese Standard Edition.  Opening the album is Little Lies gives the upbeat dance feel that almost feel that she can be Lady Gaga.  Cherry Pop gives the dance pop house sound which I really like. With the guitar play for the track Dance, makes my body groove more. A strong electronic house music is Back To Light with that haunting voice makes this song with strobe lights. Mid tempo track, Give Me Your Everything, makes me slow dance and it’s good. Kiss Me Goodbye, gives a bit of Asian flavor to the sound without losing her signature tone. Pop sounding track is Zoom Zoom and it’s really fun to listen to. Vanilla Chocolat feat Connect-R still gives Asian sound that is funky and fresh to hear. Trumpet Blows gives the beat in a match between a bull and matador, and it can be a music for ballroom dancing. Happy is the only track on the album that doesn’t have much electronic sound and stripping down to almost normal voice. Another track that I really like is Thanks For Leaving cause it’s almost a love song and it’s fantastic. The whole album got all tracks ready for the dance floor and it’s a really nice listen.


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