Track List:
1. Immortals – Fall Out Boys
2. Hiro Hamada
3. Nerd School
4. Microbots
5. Tadashi
6. Inflatable Friend
7. Huggable Detective
8. The Masked Man
9. One Of The Family
11.The Street Of San Fransokyo
12.To The Manor Born
13.So Much More
14.First Flight
15.Silent Sparrow
16.Family Reunion
17.Big Hero 6
18.I Am Satisfied With My Care
19.Signs Of Life

Who doesn’t love Baymax in the Big Hero 6 movie? Everybody does. With a great movie, comes a great music for the Big Hero 6 Soundtrack, original score composed by Henry Jackman. I must say that this 20 track album soundtrack is not your typical soundtrack. Part of the album is the track done by the Fall Out Boys, Immortals gives the light rock feel to listeners and perfect to the movie itself.  Listening to the tracks is a great experience cause the tracks are not done with pure orchestra but mixed with regular band sound which made this album cool. It gives the emotion for the movie via their music. Tracks focuses on the events in the movie like for the tracks like Hiro Hamada (main character), Microbots (Hiro’s invention), Tadashi (Hiro’s brother) and Inflatable Friend (Which is Baymax). Because of its distinct sound, the soundtrack is definitely one of the best album and the cutest Baymax.


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