Track List:
1. Poor Girl
2. In The Wind
3. Fall In Love
4. Can’t Stop Dying
5. Maybe
6. Stand Silent
7. You & I
8. Doggy Style
9. Hold On
10.Under The Star
11.Rome & Julie
12.Go Getta
13.Stay Awake

Who can kill the mood the best? Candice Pillay latest album, The Mood Kill, song writer turned singer giving electronic pop tracks in her 15 track album. Poor Girl gives the theatrical sound with her beautiful haunting music. Continuing the beautiful chill music with the song In The Wind. With a sweet upbeat sound with Cant Stop Dying gives the hip hop dance music that I loved. Playing the R&B beat for the song Maybe is a cool track with a man voice in the background. Mixing with different sounds and beat that makes the beautiful music for Stand Silent. DoggyStyle gives that haunting sexy music but there are times I can’t understand what she is saying in this song. The mid R&B tempo for the song Rome & Juliet gives the sexy sound and definitely not a mood killer. Go Getta sounded like her Rihanna’s song Cockiness, its funk and great. Sounding like Bulletproof by Zedd, Stay Awake sounds amazing and I will be in my repeat song list. She really sound good and one of the artist that everybody should watch out this year.


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